DFK Hirn Newey, Brisbane

Local knowledge. National connections. Global reach.

Hirn Newey Building,1143 Sandgate Road
Nundah Queensland 4012
PO Box 183 Nundah Queensland 4012

T +61 7 3266 1488
F +617 3266 9046
E mail@dfkhn.com.au 
W www.dfkhirnnewey.com.au

Established in 1976, DFK Hirn Newey is one of the top 25 accounting firms in Queensland and top 400 companies in the state.

At DFK Hirn Newey, we are fully committed to the belief that your success governs our success. We involve ourselves in your business on a continuing basis and would like you to think of us as part of your management team.

Our partners are passionate about helping our clients. As business owners ourselves, we understand the demands you face. Our working day is devoted to dealing with the challenges that confront our clients and providing assistance to maximise their business opportunities.

We draw on our experience to provide you with the in depth advice you need and aim to be the first point of call for any business assistance you may require. Our hands-on approach has led to the development of strong relationships with our clients and the business successes that they have come to enjoy.