Business Advisors and Connectors

Startup services DFKANZ offers.

Our involvement with Startup Smart in recent years highlighted the special services the startup sector values from its advisers. DFKANZ has a package of business advisory skills as well as business connections to fulfill the needs the startup sector values.

As an international association we can connect you with someone to solve your problems or give you advice anywhere. For a description of DFK’s international benefits please see DFK Australia New Zealand and  DFK International

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Obtaining R&D tax concession for startups with innovative ideas resulting in significant tax refunds
  • Securing business partners
  • Valuation of your business
  • Conducting business overseas
  • Growth Strategies and cashflow projections
  • Taxation
  • Securing of grants
  • Corporate restructures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Succession planning
  • Refinancing and capital raising
  • Wealth creation strategies
  • Business performance and benchmarking
  • Initial Product Offerings (IPOs) for public listings
  • Budgeting and cash flow forecasting
  • Restructuring and asset protection
  • Back office payroll
  • HR assistance, systems and set up
  • IT – business software/networking advice and solutions

And that’s just a taste of the expertise we can provide to you.

We’re looking forward to sharing our experience to help you to grow your business

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Stephen Bushell

Thought Starters

Below are just a few examples of the ways we have assisted Start Up businesses in the past:

Dustin Leonard, CEO and Founder of Hero and Startup Smart finalist in the Best Social Change Entrepeneur Category for 2014 says “DFK has been instrumental in helping us restructure our company to be best prepared for growth and we were very impressed with the corporate and financial acumen they brought to the table. We have a great relationship with DFK and would highly recommend their services.”

In addition we have provided the following services to other SUS entrants

  • Connected local clients with overseas DFK experts via Skype teleconferences to advise on the ins and outs of ‘doing business in the USA’
  • Provided a Startup Smart finalist with a valuation of their business as they were in the process of preparing a partnership agreement
  • Identified synergies between a Startup Smart company and one of our clients and connected the 2 businesses for mutual benefit
  • Successfully connected several Startup Smart companies to diverse funding and capital raising options.
  • Advised a Startup Smart company seeking help in corporate secretarial, governance and capital markets
  • Assisted with the sale of a legal services client to a public company – identifying purchaser, writing a terms sheet, and assisting with due diligence
  • Assisted a resource company with restructure and identifying new market opportunities
  • Connected a Startup Smart client with targetted international retailers

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