What do 400m hurdles and being an accountant share in common?

More than you might expect. Dedication, hard work, and the ability to handle pressure are just a few of the transferable skills that Thomas Hunt, an aspiring accountant at CIB Accountants, has carried over from his athletic career.

Thomas Hunt is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business degree with a major in Property and Accounting at the University of Western Sydney. The accounting profession caught his attention due to its versatility, and he has set his sights on a career in auditing.

While his time at CIB has only spanned a short time, Thomas’s journey in sports began long before that. He commenced his athletic journey as a participant in Little Athletics at the age of six and has remained committed ever since. At the age of 15, Thomas broke the Australian record for the 300m hurdles in Little Athletics, which was the catalyst for him venturing into competitive 400m hurdles event, realising not only his aptitude for it but also his deep passion.

In 2022, he finished the year ranked third in Australia for the 400m hurdles and he aspires to represent his country in the 2024 Olympics and at the 2025 World Championships.  Thomas has already represented Australia three times at the Oceania Championships, successfully winning two silver medals in his favourite event.

To manage a demanding training regimen, academic commitments, and a successful career, Thomas relies on balance and meticulous planning. He carefully structures his schedule for each semester, ensuring that work, study, and training seamlessly coexist without compromising any of them. His disciplined approach has yielded success both on the track and in his academic pursuits, maintaining a Distinction average in his university courses.

Thomas firmly believes that his athletic accomplishments do not set him apart in the workplace; rather, a disciplined mindset, dedication and hard work are qualities that anyone can cultivate to stand out.

CIB Accountant’s understanding of the need to have the perfect work-life balance is critical to Thomas’ success at CIB and his athletics career.  This seamless process would not be possible without CIB previously trialling, learning and refining the manager/employee process with an existing elite athlete working at CIB. The outcome is a highly rewarding experience for both the firm and the employee. Furthermore, CIB has provided an opportunity to work alongside another Track & Field athlete juggling full time university studies and work, this is inspiring and valuable as they both share their tips and tricks to tackling life with many demanding commitments. When he isn’t training to excel on the field, he enjoys indulging in pizza and dreams of one day building a 4wd to travel around Australia.


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