Enhancing Collaboration and Professional Development: DFK Australia New Zealand Sub Committee Groups

As professionals in taxation, staying abreast of industry trends, regulations, and best practices is paramount. The expansive network of DFK Australia New Zealand (DFKANZ) region stands as a hub for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and professional development through its vibrant Sub Committee Groups.

With a robust framework comprising eight distinct subcommittees convening quarterly, DFKANZ orchestrates approximately 40 meetings annually, each geared towards fostering innovation and excellence within specialised domains. Among these committees is the Tax Subcommittee which is Chaired by Dario Gamba from DFK Nugents.

Dario Gamba’s leadership of the Tax Subcommittee for the past seven years reflects a strong commitment to advancing the collective expertise of DFKANZ members. Dario’s chairmanship has enabled the committee and the region to facilitate deeper connections within DFK International and has contributed to the synergies across diverse tax specialists within our regional offices. As Dario aptly articulates,

“the privilege of chairing the Tax Subcommittee allows him to cultivate meaningful connections and leverage the collective wisdom of like-minded professionals. It serves as a platform where ideas converge, innovation thrives, and excellence becomes the standard.”

The impact of our sub-committees extends far beyond the confines of routine meetings where collaboration goes beyond geographical boundaries, and knowledge becomes a shared asset. By facilitating an environment conducive to collaboration, the DFK ANZ sub-committees foster professional growth and fortify the collective expertise of DFKANZ, positioning us as leaders in the taxation landscape.

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