Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: DFK Asia Pacific Emerging Leaders Sub-committee launched.

The DFK Asia Pacific region proudly launched the Emerging Leaders sub-committee during last year’s Asia Pacific conference in Manila. This forward-thinking initiative, geared towards cultivating the potential of emerging leaders, had its inaugural meeting during the conference and held its first virtual meeting in January 2024. The committee comprises of dynamic professionals led by Chair Ketna Kanodia Gupta (India), and includes Dorothy Wong (Hong Kong), Jan Derrick (Philippines), and Angela Yu (Australia), each bringing a unique perspective to the table.

DFK Asia Pacific Vice President, Cheree Woolcock couldn’t be more thrilled with the enthusiasm portrayed by the Managing Partners of member firms, and more importantly the committee members, “this a fantastic outcome for DFK Asia Pacific. We have high hopes and look forward to the activities, discussions, and initiatives that will be brought forward by our dynamic go-getters. The establishment of the DFK Asia Pacific Emerging Leaders sub-committee marks a significant step towards nurturing the next generation of leaders in DFK and the profession”.

The primary purpose of the sub-committee is to bring together emerging leaders to actively engage in discussion on key critical topics relevant to the profession and the association. By working directly with the Asia Pacific Executive Committee, they will encourage fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to address challenges in the industry.

When asked what excited them most, they had this to say:

Ketna Kanodia Gupta “I am thrilled to be stepping into the role of Chair. The DFK leadership group’s support fuels my passion, and I’m excited to bring the same energy to this fantastic opportunity”.

Jan Derrick – This is a chance to collaborate, gain authentic and impactful feedback, and receive empowering insights.”

Dorothy Wong – “Collaboration, exchanging knowledge and gaining insights as well as sharing valuable information to enhance our growth and development as leaders.”

Angela Yu – “Fostering an inclusive and dynamic environment for future leaders to grow and thrive; creating a meaningful voice and a direct channel to the Executive Committee.”

As the Emerging Leaders sub-committee gains momentum, its members are enthusiastic about the collaborative opportunities that lie ahead. By exchanging insights, sharing experiences, and embracing the diverse perspectives within the committee, these emerging leaders aim to contribute meaningfully to the evolution of DFK Asia Pacific.

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