Empowered to Thrive in Audit: The DFK Australia New Zealand Audit Committee

DFK is among the most trusted and tightly woven organisations for accounting firms worldwide, fostering a tightly knit community of professionals dedicated to delivering client-focused solutions across borders. At the heart of this network lie the invaluable contributions of its various subcommittees, including the Audit Technical Subcommittee, which has been under the leadership of Faizal Ajmat from DFK Laurence Varnay since 2018.

The subcommittee has become a forum where audit practitioners share insights, discuss pressing issues, and exchange best practices. Faizal Ajmat reflects on his experience, stating,

“Chairing the audit subcommittee since 2018 has increased my knowledge and expertise as part of interaction with fellow audit practitioners. We share ideas, discuss issues, and learn best practices. More broadly being part of DFK International has propelled my professional career collaborating globally with fellow practitioners who treat you as part of the DFK family.”

The Audit Technical Subcommittee has provided professional growth, offering members the opportunity to enhance their skills and stay abreast of industry developments. Through collaborative efforts, members gain a deeper understanding of audit practices and regulations, enabling them to deliver high-quality services to clients with confidence and precision. By sharing experiences and leveraging each other’s expertise, members not only enrich their own professional journey but also contribute to the collective advancement of auditing practices within the DFK network.

Through shared knowledge, collective learning, and a supportive network, members of the subcommittee are empowered to thrive in their audit practices, driving positive outcomes for clients and reinforcing DFK’s position as a leader in the global accounting landscape.

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