Driving Excellence in Superannuation: The DFK Australia New Zealand Superannuation Committee

The DFK ANZ Superannuation Committee serves as a nexus where industry expertise converges, facilitated by the active participation of our DFKANZ firms.  For the past three years, the committee has been chaired by Daniel Shaw from DFK Benjamin King Money. Daniel has directed this committee with his valuable insights and knowledge propelling professional development within the region and steering the committee to be more than a forum of discussion.

Reflecting on his role as chair, Daniel Shaw shares,

The chair role has given me an opportunity to help the DFKANZ network pursue excellence in this area and provided me with further leadership experience. Chairing the group has also opened doors for me, including opportunities to present at the annual conference, which has helped me grow my brand and network.”

Under Daniel’s leadership, the Superannuation Committee is a forum for innovation and collaboration. Members benefit from the invaluable space to share ideas and content, enhancing the group’s technical knowledge and driving efficiencies in processes and other areas of their work, to the benefit of their firms and clients.

The impact of Daniel’s chairmanship extends beyond the committee room, resonating throughout the DFKANZ network. Daniel cultivates stronger connections among member firms, catalysing the cross-pollination of ideas and best practices. This collaborative ethos not only enhances the collective expertise of DFKANZ but also reinforces our position as thought leaders in superannuation planning.

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