Driving Development: The DFK ANZ HR Subcommittee’s Role in Cultivating Professional Growth

Within the dynamic framework of DFK ANZ, the Human Resources (HR) Subcommittee addresses HR matters crucial to the success of accounting firms. Chaired by Wendy Jeffery-Lonnie, who also spearheads the People Development Plan (PDP) now in its second year, this subcommittee serves as a hub for sharing updates on legislation affecting HR practices, initiatives and HR policies. The committee is instrumental in the development of essential training for staff across all levels within accounting firms, cultivating talent and fostering growth among our DFK ANZ members.

“The collaboration and free sharing amongst the firm representatives is what makes our HR Committee function so well.  We share ideas, problem-solve together and also laugh a lot.  The commitment to the development of our people is an asset to the DFK ANZ firms.”

Wendy Jeffery-Lonnie’s leadership ensures that the subcommittee remains at the forefront of HR best practices, offering valuable insights and resources to enhance the HR functions of member firms. The committee plays a vital role in supporting member firms resulting in the strengthening of HR practices within accounting firms, driving success and growth in a competitive industry.

By leveraging synergies between HR initiatives and professional development programs, DFK ANZ empowers its members to build strong, resilient teams capable of delivering exceptional service to clients.

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