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We’ve all experienced a tumultuous 18 months with some businesses feeling the impact of COVID 19 restrictions more than others. Our own firms have not been unaffected. In uncertain times, it can be a challenge to focus on growth when “business as usual” can still be tricky. One of the ways in which we can refocus is by exploring digital marketing as a means for increased market visibility, lead generation and ultimately, new clients and growth.

Thus, we have secured an excellent presenter and a series of masterclasses we’d like to share with you as a valued client.

Leanne O’Sullivan is the founder and CEO of Adventure Digital, a digital business agency based in regional NSW with deep expertise in digital strategy & marketing, content marketing, social media strategy, online advertising (including Facebook Ads and Google Ads) as well as SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing).

The digital masterclasses have common content, but are being delivered at 2 levels, in 2 streams over 3 days.

Stream A is for businesses WITH a dedicated internal marketing resource – they are suitable  if you have someone inhouse who already has some online knowledge and capability and are looking to increase their skills.

Stream B is for businesses who do not yet have someone dedicated to internal marketing, but would like to select a likely person and have them be introduced to what is possible with digital marketing.

Stream A

  • Session One: Funnels & Lead Generation – Tuesday July 6th
  • Session Two: Content to feed your funnel – Tuesday July 13th
  • Session Three: Tech Tools and Q&A – Tuesday July 20th

To register:

Stream B

  • Session One: Funnels & Lead Generation – Thursday July 8th
  • Session Two: Content to feed your funnel – Thursday July 15th
  • Session Three: Tech Tools and Q&A – Thursday July 22nd

To register:

All classes are at 12 noon AEST.

The content that will be covered in each session is outlined below. It will be delivered via ZOOM and everyone who registers will also have access to the recordings and resources.

Session 1
Funnels & Lead Generation



  • What is a funnel?
  • Why you need to nurture leads as well as initially attract them.
  • Target Audience – getting clear on who you are targeting and what they really care about
  • Understanding the reality of traffic metrics – what is your current conversion rate? What is your current traffic metrics, what are people currently engaged with (email, socials, website)
  • Where are your current prospects coming from?
  • The lifecycle of a campaign – What is your end goal – and how do we work back from that goal.

Session 2 –
Content that feeds your funnel

Any campaign to drive conversions needs to understand your customer’ journey. What content is needed at each stage of the funnel to keep them moving forward?

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Advocacy
  • How to craft relevant blog content.
  • How to craft engaging & timely emails
  • Where are you sending people and what are you asking them to do?

Session 3
Tech Stack and Q&A


  • Landing Page Software – website/email software or a platform like Leadpages
  • Automations & Tracking – what is your email marketing platform, are you using it effectively, or just sending out a monthly newsletter – are you utilising if/then options
  • Ads – Facebook/Google – top of funnel brand awareness (Facebook), list building (FB), conversion – Google Ads/Retargeting/LinkedIn

Two Streams:

Group A For Firms WITH a dedicated internal marketing resource:

Group B for Firms WITHOUT a dedicated internal marketing resource

We look forward to learning alongside you and we’ll also be back in touch with Masterclasses for July covering people and soft skills, August for HR and September for website and cyber-security. It’s our goal to provide our clients with holistic support and we also welcome your suggestions for future events, as our national and international networks are deep and valuable.


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