DFK Australia New Zealand welcomes newest Board Member – Tony Nguyen, Director, DFK Laurence Varnay

On behalf of DFK Australia New Zealand we would like to welcome the newest DFK ANZ Board Member, Tony Nguyen from DFK Laurence Varnay. Tony was appointed at the AGM which was held on the 20th of May 2022.

Tony is the Managing Partner at DFK Laurence Varnay in Sydney, one of DFK ANZ’s oldest member firms.  Tony is a natural-born leader with a strategic, perceptive and methodical approach to everything he does.

Gavin Johns, DFK ANZ Chairman said “I am delighted that Tony was nominated for this position and even more delighted when he was appointed. We have exciting plans for DFK ANZ and welcome the fresh ideas and insights that Tony will bring.”

The current DFK ANZ Board Members are Gavin Johns, Cheree Woolcock, Gary Nugent, Anit Patel, Brian Woods, Radlee Moller and Tony Nguyen.

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