Mini Masterclasses to support you

We're all working under rather unusual conditions at the moment and we're keen to support you through some of the key challenges you may be facing.

These 30-minute, practical masterclasses are designed to help you with challenges - feel free to share these with your family and colleagues too.


How to Handle Difficult Conversations - REPLAY

Dealing effectively with difficult conversations is a key skill to master at any time, let alone in times of crisis like many of us are experiencing at present.

Lack of clarity and detail about what’s happening now, piled on top of fear and uncertainty about the future is pushing many people’s buttons, and if your team is on the receiving end without a helpful set of skills, this can lead to burnout, further stress and dissatisfaction for all involved.

In this training session with Jo Hanlon, we covered a number of foundational principles that are designed to provide you with some perspective and new skills that will help ease some of the stress and anxiety you and your clients might be currently feeling.

We covered:

  • Understanding yourself and others better
  • Deep listening
  • Smart questioning, and
  • Setting realistic expectations

Learning from Home REPLAY

With Covid19 we are seeing parents now having to juggle many balls as a result of working @ home including supporting their children with remote learning. Whilst schools and teachers have done an incredible job in getting the technology up and running, to continue teaching students at home, it has also created many challenges for parents & students.

In this training session with Amanda Lecaude, you'll learn tools, tips and strategies to assist parents with what has become the new ‘norm’ (at least for the time being) and ensure you too can manage to meet the requirements of your role as well as continuing to have your children learning @ home.

We covered:

  • The key challenges or concerns for parents and students
  • The positives now and in the future
  • Learning the keywords we need to all adopt right now
  • The best approach to encourage and support children with their learning @ home and in the future when they go back to school
  • Tips and strategies so everyone can meet their objective in achieving what they need to and get their work done!

Maintaining Mental Wellness REPLAY

COVID-19 is presenting unprecedented challenge, change and uncertainty to our businesses, business people and community. Humans don't cope well with uncertainty and change. They send us into a tailspin of worry and 'what ifs.' They affect our sleep, our mood and our ability to plan and problem solve - right when we need these skills the most.

In this 30-minute online workshop workplace and coaching psychologist, Ellen Jackson helps you to prepare yourself for whatever comes so that you are in the best headspace to help your business, your clients, your family and your community.

 We covered:

  • How the brain responds to uncertainty and drives our thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • What we can control and what we can't - and why focusing on the wrong thing is more trouble than it's worth
  • Five free, simple activities for maintaining calm, building emotional resilience and keeping us in the best shape to help ourselves and others.

Jo Hanlon has over 30 years of leading, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams working at the coalface, and she specialises in helping others navigate their way through challenging conversations.

A career which spans roles from Nursing to Sales, Business management and ownership, HR consulting, Business Advisory and Board membership, have all resulted in her delivering and managing difficult conversations pretty much every step of the way.

Amanda Lecaude is an Academic Life Coach, Executive Function Coach and Organising Expert focused on ensuring all children/students (both neurotypical and those with learning challenges) are equipped with simple and effective organisational, time management and study skills for success and enjoyment at school and in life.

She works 1:1 with students and parents and with both primary and secondary school communities where she regularly provides lesson content as well as conducting workshops for students, parents and teachers on a range of topics.

Ellen Jackson is a workplace and coaching psychologist, internationally published writer, speaker and consultant to organisations Australia-wide. Her passion is helping you and your workplace to understand the ins and out of human behaviour and to use this knowledge to achieve your goals. 

Everything Ellen teaches is supported by scientific research so we know it works. She overlays this with a nuanced understanding of individuals and how they function to help you and your workplace to thrive and flourish.

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