June Masterclasses to support you

As we move into a post COVID world, new challenges are emerging for business owners. We've developed our next series of 30-minute, practical masterclasses designed to help you navigate the new environment. Please feel free to share this page with your colleagues too.


Post-COVID Immune Care - Replay

Taking proactive care of our health and well-being is more important than ever. Learn how to boost your immune system and increase your resistance to winter coughs, colds, flu and viruses. Winter doesn’t have to mean constant colds and flu. If you find you catch everything that’s going around, then this session is for you.

Angela Emmerton from Nutritional Matters covered:

• What your immune system IS

• Look inside your body - meet your immune cells

• Nourishing nutrition - for a healthy immune

• How stress and poor sleep affects your immune system

• The top 5 strategies to stay WELL this winter

• Natural Remedies to fight a cold (for all ages)

The 9-5 is changing - what now? Replay

With a large number of businesses intending to retain flexible and remote working arrangements post COVID-19, a paradigm is called for that will be characterised by openness to new possibilities and ways of thinking about how work can be done and managed with an emphasis on exploring flexible and innovative solutions.

Kylie Holyland from Ascend HR covered:

• Engagement and motivation of remote staff and teams

• Collaboration and connection in a virtual world

• Managing "out of sight" productivity

• The shift from KPI's and outputs to outcomes, results and productivity


Business Re-emergence Marketing Replay

As you emerge from a challenging period of time, it’s important to consider how your own client's habits and patterns may have shifted as a result. Listening to what's happening in the market and with your audiences will help you to successfully adapt your messaging, your marketing plan and your goals from the "old world" into this "new world”.

Kellie O'Brien covered:

• Rediscovering and reconnecting with your audience

• How to shift your messaging as you re-emerge

• How to adapt your marketing plan in a new business landscape

Kellie O’Brien is an author, speaker and consultant who specialises in online marketing and social media for consultants, service professionals and small business owners who feel they're simply throwing darts at a marketing map.

Kellie empowers business owners to purposefully use storytelling, strategy and systems to build online marketing pathways. With 16 years of journalism, 5 years owning a PR agency and now as an online marketing consultant, Kellie lives & breathes story and strategy.


Angela Emmerton is a Clinical Nutritionist and Founder of Nutritional Matters.

Angela's practice is underpinned by the latest evidence-based nutritional medicine and, having spent over 20 years in the corporate working world she understands the effect modern-day life has on your health.

This ensures her approach is all about ‘keeping it real’ and her recommendations are informed by reality and practicality for everyday busy people.


Kylie Holyland has over 30 years’ experience as a coach, trainer and facilitator, helping individuals, managers and leaders thrive at work by shifting their thinking, attitudes and behaviour, building resilience and mutual understanding to improve workplace relationships.

Kylie holds international and Australian coaching credentials, is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, (ICF) and has studied neuroscience, HR, NLP, mediation and conflict resolution, and psychology.


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