Join us for this valuable webinar where we'll reveal the essential steps to take BEFORE June 30 to take full advantage of concessions available to you and your business.

We’ll be Covering:

  •  Superannuation contributions 
  •  Bad debts 
  •  Capital gains and losses 
  •  Bringing forward deductible expenditure 
  •  Valuation of trading stock 
  •  Tax deductible donations 
  •  Employer contribution 
  •  Reviewing your asset register 
  •  Writing off asset purchases 
  •  Trust distributions 

You'll leave with Immediate Actionable Insights

When you join us for this webinar you’ll also be able to download our Tax Planning Preparation Checklist and Infographic

Presented by:

Gavin Johns, B.Com, CA

DFK Hirn Newey, Brisbane

Steve Heller, M.Com and FCPA

DFK Laurence Varnay, Sydney

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