Meet Daniel Shaw, Director and SMSF Specialist Adviser at DFK Benjamin King Money

How did you start your journey with DFK BKM? 

I started as a graduate in the super team in 2012, which now feels like a very long time ago!

What is your biggest work achievement to date? 

I’d say I’ve got two big work achievements so far. The first was passing the CA program. I had some issues when I started but the firm supported me and in the end I was able to complete the program, which was a big weight off my shoulders.

The second achievement would be becoming a Director of the firm, it’s a very large acknowledgement by the current directors that they trust you as a person, and trust  your skills, to help keep driving the firm forward.

What advice would you give to others who are also on the same career path? 

It’s a cliché but the best advice I can give is to have a good work ethic, this doesn’t mean you need to work long hours, you just have to be committed to your role and look to continuously develop as a practitioner and a person.

They say that those who work harder get luckier, but I think rather than it being luck, it’s the positive result from the execution of a skill you’ve trained/worked hard to acquire. So if you put that into practice during your work life, you’ll likely find that you succeed more often than not.

It’s also good to start working out what you want your career to look like and what steps you need to take to get there, this helps focus your attention on those drivers to help you succeed.

Finally, you also need to have a good support network in and outside of the firm. Work can be tough, so you need to be able to have people you trust, who can be a sounding board when you need someone to chat to.

When borders open, where would you travel to and why? 

Living in Melbourne, I’d like say somewhere warm! However, my partner is from the UK, so when we can freely travel, we’ll head there to be with her family.


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