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DFK ANZ firms work together across Australia and New Zealand, and an international network, to share expertise and deliver innovative and strategic business results for clients. Benefiting from international accounting and business management expertise, the DFK International alliance of firms provides direct access to the collective resources and intellectual capital of member firms across 70 countries.

An expert knowledge base
Every DFK ANZ member firm is able to access specialist resources, quality assurance practices and knowledge bases, as well as systems and methodologies to help grow their business. In addition, for multijurisdictional projects DFK ANZ provides seamless access to global skills and expertise, assuring each client of high quality, personalised service everywhere in the world.

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A swimming pool accessory business cracks the US market
DFK Everalls, Canberra, have a client who manufactures and exports swimming pool accessories. The client got in touch about gaining entry into the lucrative US market, through buying a swimming pool accessory distribution business in the US.

How DFK helped
DFK Everalls got in touch with a DFK member firm in Atlanta, as the client was buying a business in Georgia. Using local knowledge and expertise, the Atlanta members undertook some preliminary investigative work on the potential new business, helped with the paperwork, due diligence and purchase of the company. Because of our international network, DFK Everalls was able to set their client up with a local expert to guide the transaction. The client was delighted with the relationship with the Atlanta firm, which lasted until they sold the business.

A NSW Sports Pro makes an informed decision
Sydney firm DFK Laurence Varnay have a client who is an Australian professional sportsperson. The client was considering a contract to play in Belgium.

How DFK helped
DFK Laurence Varnay reached out to the DFK Brussels office, and together they helped the client to fully understand the tax implications of playing professional sport, living and earning money in Belgium as a non-resident. The client was able to make an informed decision about a potential future in Belgium and was happy with the result.

Expanding operations internationally
DFK Oswin Griffiths, New Zealand, acts for a local retail and manufacturing client who wanted to expand operations in Australia.

How DFK helped
DFK Oswin Griffiths was able to work with DFK Laurence Varnay to assist the client in opening operations in Sydney, Australia and subsequently in Melbourne. The client, now a market leader in promotional garments, with turnover exceeding $50 million, expects to expand into Brisbane shortly. The DFK member firms have provided audit, tax and corporate finance services to this client, with outstanding results.

Exploring Chinese equity
DFK Laurence Varnay was approached by a client who was taking up equity in a Chinese company. The client needed to know what the Chinese legal implications and risks were, and wanted learn more about his status as a shareholder in such a company.

How DFK helped
DFK Laurence Varnay got in touch with the Hong Kong office, who provided the legal requirements and explained the impact this kind of move would have for the client. The client was thrilled that the team took the time to understand his needs and provided timely assistance.

Clients invest across the Asia Pacific
Members from DFK Everalls, Canberra, attended the Asia/Pacific meetings of DFK International and met a client from DFK’s Malaysia firm. This client was interested in investing money in real estate in Australia.

How DFK helped
DFK Everalls helped the client setup a company in Australia through which he could invest in Australian Real Estate. Since then, the team setup a second company and have also introduced the client to an Investment Advisor who has helped him use company funds to invest in the Australian Stock Market. The client was extremely pleased with the local guidance, professional contacts and overall service received.

Delivering £200,000 in savings
DFK’s Coulton Isaac Barber has a client whose father passed away, leaving her a large estate with the associated death duties. As her parents still lived in the UK, the client asked Coulton Isaac Barber to assist.

How DFK helped
Chris Coulton contacted Bob Law of Langdowns DFK Limited, one of the DFK firms in the UK, whom he knew well through the DFK association. Bob restructured the estate which resulted in an outstanding saving of £200,000, proving an international network and expertise like DFKANZ’s can be of great benefit to clients.